Dec 11, 2004

ha HA! 

After HOURS of beating my head against the wall today trying to figure out all the little html gotchas, I have finally installed the random quote generator that I thought would be a good idea at around noon today. Don't let the blog fool you... I DO NOT speak "programmerese."

Did you know that there's a difference between this: "word"

And this: "word"

Yeah... look reeeeeal hard. It took me six hours to get that.

Anyway, hit "refresh" and enjoy. And I'll keep adding new ones if it doesn't drive me insane.

UPDATE: As was pointed out by Machelle, some of you may have had problems viewing the blog after I installed the random quotes... like the whole blog was way down below where my sidebar stops. While I could blame this on my much lamented lack of html knowledge, I will instead pass on the blame to YOU, the loyal reader, at no extra charge, and invite you to get the heck off Internet Explorer and start using Mozilla Firefox... which showed the blog just fine, thankyouverymuch. Seriously, it's faster, better, crushes all pop-ups, takes about 7 seconds to download, and most importantly - it's FREE.

Now, if anybody still has problems seeing stuff let me know... unless, you're Harvey. In that case I will ask you to stop putting the magic shrooms on your pizza...


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