Dec 13, 2004

Mail call 

From my email, I give you a message from a Viet Nam vet and member of the LRRP teams... and if you don't know what a LRRP is you best get to Googlin', cuz I ain't wasting another second on a history lesson.

I present the message in it's entirity, unedited - with all that entails (blink hard when you get to the dirty words and keep right on reading). This speaks truth that most people will never fully understand.

An Old GI ...(please feel free to post everywhere ... including my e-mail

I've spent 27 months in combat..a LRRP .. (a lie... it was 18 months in
combat and nine months pulling my dick in the rear, but it was all in Nam)
... worked in four-man teams (three GIs and a Yard) ... we kicked ass... we
ran, we shot, we made it out.

Spent a week in Bosnia with an armored cav unit during the Bosnian
elections. Nobody fucked with them.

Spent a week with an old bunch (60-70 year olds) of UDT/ NCDU guys. The
SEALs sucked compared to them.

Spent some time with British EOD in the Falklands (I'll show you a rough on
a golf course. The sign says "MINED").

Spent some time with these weird guys in Belize ...Gurkha trained and able
to do it all.

Here's the story. If you don't like being in combat don't join the military.
If you're doing it to get an education, that's
an admirable reason (not a reason I would choose, but fine nonetheless), but
be prepared to fight. Don't talk to reporters except when you're holding a
gun (I'm a reporter now), don't expect ANYONE to appreciate what you do for
a living (and what you do for a living is be a soldier/grunt/airman/swab),
don't rat on your buddies unless they kill civilians (and back them when
they fuck with the bad guys.. what do you think will happen if YOU get
snagged?), shoot anything that moves, believe that anything you do is
righteous, back your buddy, and know that ... you are right and "they" (no
matter who the fuck "they" is) are so fucking wrong .... There really are a
bunch of us who have been there/done that who are too fucking old to do it
again, but would trade places with you in a minute.... if you're fighting
now, you're a hero ...and if you think being a hero means anything, you're
wrong. But it beats not being a hero. Kick ass, take names, ignore the
media, stick to your buddy's ass, and kill anything that looks remotely
threatening. Better a dead them than a dead you.

I pray for you guys every day

If you can ... get one for me ...

Gary P. Joyce
RVN 8/68-1/71
E58 LRRP/K75 Ranger

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