Dec 23, 2004

Maureen Dowd is still an asshat 

Yeah, big surprise, I know.

Click here to read the latest screed, but make sure all throwable objects that you want to keep intact are out of reach or taped down.

The only reason I bring her up at all is this statement:
The Bushies are betting a lot on the January election, even though a Shiite-dominated government will further alienate the Sunnis - and even though Iraq may be run by an Iranian-influenced ayatollah. That would mean that Iraq would have a leadership legitimized by us to hate us.

International election observers say it's too dangerous to actually come in and monitor the vote in person; they're going to "assess" the vote from the safety of Amman, Jordan. Isn't that like refereeing a football game while sitting in a downtown bar?
No worse than pontificating on the ins and outs of international policy and military tactics - when you have no experience with either one - from the Op/Ed desk at the NYT. Didn't you start out life writing a fashion column? Pot. Kettle. Black.

Oh, and the closing dig at how "Iraqis may vote for a theocracy, just like Americans chose to live in a theocracy created by Bush" is priceless.

Maureen Dowd, THE ASS HATTER
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with apologies to Cox & Forkum for stealing the Donkey, but I think they'll understand

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