Dec 23, 2004

This just in from the Department of the Galactically Stupid 

Every day, I grow more and more thankful for MEMRI - The Middle East Media Research Institute. These guys are working overtime to let the rest of us know exactly what goes on inside the chick-pea sized brains of what I can only describe as "the enemy."

Little Green Footballs pointed out this one yesterday:
Iranian TV Drama Series about Israeli Government Stealing Palestinian Children's Eyes
Yeah... you read that right.
The story follows an Israeli candidate for Prime Minister, Yitzhak Cohen, who is also the military commander of the West Bank. The opening sequence of the show contains graphic scenes of surgery, and images of a Palestinian girl in a hospital whose eyes have been removed, with bandages covering the sockets.

In Episode 1, Yitzhak Cohen lectures at a medical conference on the advances being made by Israeli medicine regarding organ transplants. Later in the episode, Israelis disguised as UN workers visit a Palestinian school, ostensibly to examine the children's eyes for diseases, but in reality to select which children's eyes to steal to be used for transplants.

In Episode 2, the audience learns that the Israeli president is being kept alive by organs stolen from Palestinian children, and an Israeli military commander is seen kidnapping UN employees and Palestinians.
MEMRI has video of this Iranian "After-School Special," but I had problems getting it to run. Fortunately, they also supplied a transcript of portions of the show. There's some stuff in there that you wouldn't believe.

NOW - you could write this whole thing off as a Middle Eastern Soap Opera; something that's fun to watch on TV but everybody watching it knows that stuff doesn't happen in real life. I mean, you can't take parts out of kids and stick 'em into adults, just by virtue of the size difference. This is no more out of whack than "As the World Turns," or "Days of our Lives," right?

You could think that... but you would be wrong.

Today, we get THIS:
Saudi Government Daily Accuses U.S. Army of Harvesting Organs of Iraqis
Yeah... you read that right.
The reports have indicated that a number of those killed in 'Abu Ghraib' and other prisons were subjected to operations for extracting their organs. Following their mutilations, the bodies were discarded far from the prisons to conceal the facts. The reports revealed that that the American forces restricted the media by force to prevent them from getting near the scenes and recording the events. But the relatives of the Iraqis are aware of these facts.
But THIS is my favorite line:
[The reports] further indicate that American medical teams have [made] active and suspicious moves in Iraq to recruit some Iraqis to guide them to dead and critically injured individuals to engage in the extraction of organs. These teams offer $40 for every usable kidney and $25 for an eye.
YOU SEE!!! It's all a giant plot by the Bushitler! The Amerikan/Zionist conspiracy is tearing through the desert ripping out EYES! This should have been obvious all along. R Lee Ermey told us of this plan years ago...

This is the mindset, folks. They will demonize us no end, and I'm inclined to say we should start doing the same to them. But then I see what they put out there themselves... with pride: beheading videos, suicide bombers, masked vigilantes terrorists.

We don't have to demonize these people - they do it for us. They think dressing up the kiddies as little Jihadis is, quote - CUTE - unquote. What a legacy to pass on to the next generation...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: if these people want to see God, we need to arrange the meeting... and soon.

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