Jan 2, 2005

New year, same stupidity 

Have you ever had a line from a news story jump out and smack you in the face like a wet fish? You know... you just sat there... dumbfounded... what are the odds that THAT just happened?...

Well duck, cuz there's a Flounder at your 10 o'clock and he's headed right at ya.
"I don't feel like I need to own a gun to protect myself. Certainly, I am a high-profile elected official and now a lot of gun owners don't like me individually, but if I'm in a situation where I feel threatened, I'll call the police," Daly said.
Welcome to the land of the surreal: The People's Democratic Republic of San Francisco. To say that the people that run that town and a goodly portion of their constituency are Socialists is an insult to Socialists... these folks are well on their way to full-blown Communism. "...the 11-member Board of Supervisors [consists] of four Democrats and a Green Party member, [but] the group is nonetheless considered "ideologically diverse" by San Francisco standards..." Ve have come vor your pistols, Comrade... this iz vhat's best for the Motherland...
SAN FRANCISCO — - The city that bucked state law and sanctioned gay marriage is now taking aim at the constitutional right to bear arms by proposing a ban in San Francisco on private ownership of all handguns.

"When you get guns out of people's homes and off the streets, it means that that gun is not going to be used in a shooting that kills someone, whether a murder or an accidental shooting," said Chris Daly, supervisor of San Francisco.

San Francisco officials are pushing a ballot measure to prohibit just about everyone who isn't a cop, security guard or member of the military from having a handgun in their home or office.
I could not even begin to tell you how wrong this guy Daly is. It would take all day and more charts than Ross Perot brought to his first Presidential debate. But the kicker is this:
Despite state laws that prevent local governments from banning handguns, the city believes doing just that will stem a wave of homicides that's left 87 people dead this year.
Yes. That's right. Once again, San Francisco leads the charge in doing (AS A WHOLE CITY) that which is clearly defined as ILLEGAL. Come down on whatever side of the whole gay marriage thing you want to, but UNTIL THE LAW IS CHANGED what they did last year was ILLEGAL. And UNTIL THE LAW IS CHANGED, a ban on handguns is also ILLEGAL.

Does anybody else think that trying to pull off something like this in the wake of the Department of Justice stating "Hey dummy, it means just what it says: the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed," is a bold flaunting of the rule of law? Is this some type of teenage rebellion thing? "I'm gonna do it because they told me not to?"

Not since the days of Wyatt Earp stopping every new cowboy that rode into town and taking his six-killers has this worked. And it's not like there isn't evidence out there that won't tell you that. Why, look! I need go no further than the very next line in the story!
Washington, D.C., banned handguns in response to its skyrocketing homicide rate in 1976. But nearly three decades later, it had more murders per capita than any other city its size.
Yet, if need be, you can always call: THE POLICE!

Remember, though, that squad cars - though faster - have a harder time making it through downtown traffic than White Stallions. And kevlar - though lighter and more protective - doesn't have quite the same blinding effect that Shining Armor does.

Are these people daft? When Little Timmy the Crackhead jumps out and yells "Gimme yer dough!," do you think that he's gonna wait for you while you pull out your cell phone and dial 911? God forbid you don't have a cell phone and have to find a phone booth. And then, you WILL be put on hold! (there is a Government funded satellite network that immediately searches out all 911 calls and alerts the operator to place you on hold if the situation is truly dire... believe it...) Do you think that'll work?!

I'll tell you what'll work: a well placed 9mm hydrashock into Little Timmy the Crackhead's frontal lobe! THAT'S what'll stop crime. It doesn't seem to me that all the thugs left D.C. when they banned all the legal handguns. I can't for the life of me figure out why...

As I stared deep into my Palantir and gazed across the expanse into Mordor, I fully expected to see the Orcs gearing up for war. What I got was actually a bit of a surprise. At Democratic Underground website who must not be named, I zeroed in on a message thread that was called (I'm not kidding) "Fuck guns." Expecting to see a giant orgy of stupid, I was greeted by an overwhelming call for the thread originator to pull his head out of his ass.

Could it be that the rank and file Americans on both sides of the political spectrum actually support and believe in the Second Amendment? Could it be that the Political Correctness Brigades of the Communist Party of America are trying to hijack the American political Left and drag it into the darkness? Could it be that if they succeed with this attempt in San Francisco, that Los Angeles will become a much safer town because a ton of enterprising criminals will head north, where the payoffs are bigger and the risks are lower?

Please excuse me while I go ponder...

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