Jan 23, 2005

Quote Log 

In many Marine units, the “Quote Book” is alive and well. I’ve seen it called the “Quote Log,” the “Book of Hard Sayings,” and a few other titles. All it is, is a collection of things that were uttered by someone - often an unsuspecting fool - who didn’t realize that somebody with a quick pen would record their verbiage for posterity and thereby pass down through the ages the speaker’s ineptitude.

Either that, or just something damn funny that deserved to be written down so as not to be forgotten.

A planning conference is fertile ground for stuff worthy of a Quote Log.

Such as:
“EOD – Proudly solving any problem through the proper application of high explosives.”

“I regret that I have but one liver to give for my country. -– Chauncy Hale, distant relative of Nathan.”

“The mission is not over until every Marine is back, has turned in his ammo, and is asleep in his horizontal time accelerator.”

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