Jan 11, 2005


OH... it's you...

Sorry this place has turned into a virtual "snoozex," but well... I'm tired.

My dad told me once, a long time ago, that the one thing he remembered about being in the military more vividly than anything else was being tired. All the time. CONSTANTLY. Couldn't get enough sleep. Waking hours were coffee supported battles against the Sleep Monster. There was a time where I felt like that right after I got in. Anybody else out there experience this phenomenon?

Then there was this great time where I was doing something I loved, and though I'm a fully qualified Rack-Time Ranger (as Dr. Evil might say, I have "low-grade narcolepsy"), I was ready to take on all comers. I was on top of the world. You could have run the Empire State Building with what I was puttin' out.

Then slowly, the Sleep Monster began beating me over the head. It took him over a year, but this last week, he finally dropped me to the mat for the first time really since that first year after I joined this Big Green Machine. He's been kicking the crap out of me. And he's got no intention of letting up.


The word that most people in the Corps fear worse than the word that follows it: DEPLOYMENT. I think if you asked people what they'd rather do, deploying would win in a landslide. But the workups prior to shipping out can be just miserable... or so I'm told.

I have never been in a deployable unit. Marine for better than half a decade, and I've never once left American soil. I told that to a guy once and he looked at me and said, "Well done." He had just come back from his second overseas tour, his first trip to Iraq. He's there again right now. But I have been nowhere.

And so, as my unit starts the roughly six month process to get ready for the roughly six month main event, I tell you this: somebody better turn up the drip on my Yuban to about 15000cc... STAT.

It hasn't helped that I've seen or done nothing blogworthy in the last few days. Weeks, really. At least not anything that isn't covered like a blanket somewhere else.

Tsunami: covered
Rathergate: covered
Dead people voting back home: TOTALLY covered

What's a guy to talk about that's unique?

Well, maybe the next few months of workups will yield some kind of fruit. And maybe when I'm not working my butt off, I'll have time to post something about it... but only if I wake up.

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