Feb 3, 2005

His foot goes into his mouth… 

While my foot goes into his ass.

Charlie Rangel (D-ASS) has proved once again that his cheese-grater-across- a-blackboard voice is not the most irritating thing about him. The Representative from New York, who is the actual architect of the latest proposal for a military draft (you remember… the one that all the moonbats are screeching at the President about?) proceeded to take the occasion of the State of the Union to make yet another proposal.

He proposed that he be placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds for being an idiot – pretty standard really.

While members of a certain political party (that shall remain nameless) expressed support for Iraqi voters, Charlie unleashed a classic “But-Monkey” (to steal a phrase from Laura Ingraham).

See if you can spot it.
The wave of purple fingers, raised by dozens of House Republicans Nameless Political Party, was organized by Rep. Bobby Jindal, R-La. NPP-La., to demonstrate solidarity with Iraqi voters. In a letter to fellow lawmakers, Jindal said he wanted to display support for "people throughout the world who seek freedom."

Even as they celebrated the vote, a few Democrats questioned the price paid by American soldiers to win Iraq's freedom.
"We all applaud the Iraqi people for their elections, but Americans want to know if all that death and destruction was necessary to bring about elections or if there could have been free elections — as the Palestinians had — without such costs?" asked Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y.

Charlie is possibly inhaling some sort of controlled substance, because his hallucinations are fascinating. No death and destruction was part of the Palestinian ‘political process,’ eh?

WHAT KIND OF CHEEBA ARE YOU PUFFIN’ ON, CHARLIE? Cuz that’s some quality shite. Makes all the dead Israelis for the past 50 years just vanish like a fart in the wind. Gotta get me some-a that...

The only positive part of this whole story is that Charlie is solidly embedded up to his ankle in his mouth, making it impossible for him to use that sandpaper-scrubbed, gravel-gargling rasp of his.

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