Feb 3, 2005

The island of misfit toys Jihadis, Version 2.0 

The insurgent hostage toy story has gone into high spool. Lord, how I wish I'd written this.
Firecrackers sizzled and roared around us in a symphony of extremity-disintegrating horror. Mean little kids stomped us with the hard soles of their brand-new Keds -- weapons of mass destruction. And the gentlest one of us all lost it completely. "Elmo is thinking about genocide!" he screamed, as he unleashed a hail of foam darts upon our adversaries. "Elmo is Death, destroyer of worlds!" War does awful things to toys.
And it just gets funnier from there.

This is why we are going to win this war, if for no other reason: we have a sense of humor that our enemy completely lacks. No bastard ever won a war without cracking a smile at some point...

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