Feb 27, 2005

Movie review 

This is an idea that I've been toying with for some time: a periodic review of military films. So, this will be the first entry in what may (or may not) prove to be a regular feature at "From the Halls to the Shores."

I just watched "Gung Ho!", a film from 1943 about Carlson's Raiders. It's jingoistic. It's cheesy. It's absolutely the worst of WWII war-time Hollywood.

I loved every minute of it.

From the very beginning, when the Marines are applying for entry to the battalion and being asked why they want to join, and one Marine's answer is "I just don't like Japs," this film is a classic. It is a WWII film produced DURING WWII, and it makes no bones about who the enemy is. It dehumanizes them. It makes it seem as if they are less than men. And most importantly, it builds a little rage.

And this is just what may be needed today.

This is just me talking. This is nobody's policy, especially not the US government's. But I think it's high time we started calling a spade a spade, and call our current enemies what they are: Murderers. Animals. Inhuman.

I DO NOT mean people of the Islamic faith. That has NOTHING to do with it. A person's belief in Allah and their love of peace and freedom ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. This we know.

What I mean are people... no... pigs... who do not fight as men. Who do not respect life. Who regard all manner of humanity that does not agree with their narrow view of the world as being less that themselves.

These are the ones who need to be the focus of our wrath. These are the ones who do not deserve even the soft treatment we give them at places like Gitmo (even though we will continue to do so - rightfully so - and I don't care what accusations are made, the chance to pray to Mecca five times plus three square meals a day equals pretty cush treatment in my book). These are people beings who mean to destroy the ones we love.

It's about time Hollywood pulled it's head out of it's ass and made some movies that got people's head's right. The upcoming movie about Fallujah has that potential, but I fear that it may drop the ball - especially considering that Harrison Ford is slated to play General Mattis, and the General's recent comments may not play so well with the Hollywood crowd.

Regardless of all that, "Gung Ho!" is a film for the ages. It lets us see what America saw during a time of crisis sixty years ago. It clues us into the mindset required to win a war. And it lets us know just how far the Hollywood elites have removed themselves from their country in the sixty years since.

"Gung Ho!," from 1943 stars Randolph Scott and Robert Mitchum and may be purchased on a multitude of different DVD's here, here, and here.

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