Mar 13, 2005

Quick question 

Why is it that whenever I call computer tech support, no matter what question I ask, be the problem great or small, the answer is always the same?

I swear to God and all that is holy, you too can be a tech support guru if you remember this one simple phrase:

"Backup your information and reformat your harddrive."

That's IT! That's the mystery answer! If ONLY I had the forethought and common sense to simply format away every bit of information on there BEFORE I called!

What part of I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT UNLESS I HAVE A CATASTROPHIC SYSTEM FAILURE AND ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO do you tech support assclowns not understand? I called you because you're supposed to have a way to fix it that DOESN'T require me reinstalling the operating system that - oh by the way - YOU ASSHOLES DIDN'T INCLUDE DISKS FOR WHEN YOU SENT THE COMPUTER! Call me crazy, but doesn't ol' Billy Gates make it damn near impossible to make your own copy of Windows in order to prevent copyright infringement?

So to fix the problem which you should have an answer to - because, after all, it's YOUR DAMN PRODUCT - your answer is "copy, format, buy Windows XP, and reinstall"? FOR EVERYTHING?

If there is a heaven above, it will provide me three things in the afterlife: hippies, commies, and tech support weenies to kick the crap out of for all eternity.

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