May 28, 2005

Memorial Day 

So I'm here just long enough to tell you I'm off... again. I'll be back after the holiday, but only for about a week before I return - again - to the big grey floatie. Workups and blogs don't seem to mix very well.

Anyway, while I'm out, enjoy a beer or three - like I am right now - and find some time to say thanks to a veteran - like I'll be doing in a few hours. Yes, I'm going home to Seattle to visit Grandpa, who is a WWII vet and retired Navy Captain.

I've already told you about Grandad's death last month. Grandpa is now 95 and I worry he may not be around when I return from deployment. Grandma died two years ago, and I know he misses her terribly. It can't be easy for him.

When my wife suggested a trip home for Memorial Day, at first I wanted to stay here with her. After all, I just saw my folks and my brother - they were here for Grandad's feuneral. And it's not like I've got a lot of time at home left. But then she pointed out that I hadn't seen Grandpa in about 18 months and I may not see him again. Thank God for wives who slap their husbands upside the head with the obvious. I'm on a plane four hours from now.

This Memorial Day, say thank you. It could be to a man or woman. They could be 99, or 19. But say thanks. And if their system can still handle it after nine decades, or if they are of legal age, find out what they're drinking and get 'em one... or two.


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