May 8, 2005

Now I've seen it all 

I wish I had the stomach to link directly to a pile of vomit like the one on display at Smokin's place, but I don't.

If you want to go see "Forsake the Troops", Smokin' will provide the link. I just can't bring myself to do it.

I briefly pondered boxing up one of my dog's shits and sending it overnight delivery to this guy (his address is posted on his blog) but then I realized he might enjoy this and rub it all over his body.

I also used up my EXTRA-LARGE military paycheck that I STOLE from the taxpayers (of which I'm apparently NOT a member), so I don't have anything left to pay FedEx for the shipping.

I'd consider calling his phone number and giving him an earful, but what good does it do to scream at a mindless pile of fecal matter?

Instead, I'll just go to bed under my big blanket of freedom and sleep comfortably knowing that even though I'd like to yank the covers to my side of the bed and let assclowns like this sleep in the cold, there's still plenty of room under this big security blanket for everyone... even Chumpy the Wonderslug.

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