Jul 9, 2005

Quick word on recent events in London 

Do the terrorists think they're dealing with the Spaniards? Really?

The Brits are a much more hard-nosed folk than they let on, what with the "stiff upper lip," "tut tut," and "tea and crumpets."

Remember, this is the land that created the soccer hooligan.

And "The Secret Organization of Al Qaeda in Europe"? Kiss my ass... Any group of punks out there thinks they can hang "Al Qaeda" somewhere in their name and we're all supposed to quake with fear. Well I got news for ya: you guys are no more deeply related to Al Qaeda than Bill Shatner. And to keep on the Star Trek theme, why don't you all put on red shirts and join the away team, because you're about as likely to last that long. I have no doubt that there's an SAS team dedicated to smoking all of you before the month is out.

"The Secret Organization of Al Qaeda in Europe"... Al Qaeda is DEAD folks. The guys running around now saying "we're Al Qaeda" are so in name only. And because the press lets them be. Seriously fellas, there's more than just Al-Q out there. Not every terrorist scumbag is super-tight with Osama bin Laden.

Whatever. The point is, you think this London thing changes anything? Nope... except maybe the next 5.56 to go through an "Al Qaeda" member comes from a Steyr AUG instead of an M16.

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