Jul 10, 2005

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So Harvey decides to poke me in the belly-button to get a "hehe" outta me like I'm the Pillsbury Doughboy... okay... I'll play.
What ten events would you care to witness if you could travel in time and observe them?

Rules: First my version of the Prime directive you can only observe you cannot change anything no changing of the time line. You can interact to a point ie stand in a crowd or talk to people you cannot do anything that will change time. So sorry no going back and putting a bullet into Hitler's head in 1929 or offing OBL back in the 80's. You can stay as long at an event as you like remember this is a Sci Fi Meme.
Well let's dig right in to it:

1) The Flag Raising on Mount Suribachi. Look at my name... is that really any kind of surprise?

2) The Gettysburg Address.

3) September 10th, 2001. One last day of normal before the storm...

4) OOH! Tun Tavern, 10 November 1775. Take what I said about number one, and quadruple it!

5) Philadelphia, 28 September 1941, to watch Ted Williams nail down the last .400 batting average anyone's seen in over 60 years.

6) A day at the Colosseum in ancient Rome.

7) Dealey Plaza, 22 November 1963... but only if I can pick a couple different locations and call for a few reruns. Single bullet theory my ass...

8) 14 October 1947, Muroc Field (now Edwards Air Force Base), to watch Chuck Yeager break the sound barrier for the first time.

9) To steal one from Harvey, watching the Berlin Wall fall. Seeing that on TV, I actually remember thinking, "I'm watching HISTORY being made." Too bad not everybody felt the same way...

10) Bethlehem, 25 December 0000 (give or take). I heard something about this kid being born and these three wiseguys...

Alllright... so who to poke in the belly-button next... hmmmm...

Mad Mikey is usually up for stuff like this. Consider yourself tagged.
Smokin' gets tagged just cuz I gotta know what he picks. Hope he's got time to do this one.
And I'd like to see Tom's answer's but he's on blog-hiatus. Put 'em in the comments maybe, Tom? I know you're out there (you're one of the few still left!).

Anybody else want to play? Just throw me a trackback if you do, because I'd like to see this!

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