Aug 9, 2005

Even in the middle of the ocean… 

So a couple days ago, our CO got a little “love note” from someone back home… a love note that I am privy to by virtue of my job. Seems that someone with an internet browser (and more than likely a Democratic Underground account) thought it would be fun to look up our unit’s official mailing address – which, by the way, starts with the words “Commanding Officer” and THEN the unit name and PO Box – and launch into a tirade about the war and oil and Israel and God only knows what else. Who knows how many units he sent his little missive to…

I won’t bore you with the fine print. Like I said, you can read it anytime at DU. But it started out with “President Bush - ” (he’s not attached to the MEU, by the way, in case you were wondering) and proceeded to call him a puppet of the Jews and so on and so forth.

Why is it that these guys can never spell? The thing was riddled with spelling errors and choppy sentences that were grammatically out to lunch. I’d bet cash that he’s using Microsoft Word, which has auto-correct and spell-check features, and still, he wrote a letter that sported the syntax of a retarded chimp. How the hell do you pull that off using this equipment?

We turned the thing over to our NCIS rep. Hopefully he’ll be able to put a squash down on this guy. Shouldn’t be too hard… dumbass put his name and return address on the envelope. I hope for the sake of sport he at least put a dummy address on there, but I’ll bet he’s just self-righteous enough to have put the real one… got to stand up for those beliefs and put those uppity Jooos back in their place don’t ya know… what an idiot.

Where’s he from, you ask? Get this:


Now you know why I left.

The CO says to me, “Mike, most guys would have put the thing through the shredder, said to themselves ‘forget it’ and let the whole thing slide. But he addressed that letter to ME.” (…remember what I said about the official mailing address?…) “That letter came to ME, and he’s gonna talk trash about MY country, about MY President? Fuuuck that…”

Anyway, even out here, I can’t escape the stupidity of some folks back home. What disgusts me is that dirtbag’s envelope probably arrived in the same mail sack as the box my mom sent. They would have both come though the Seattle post office. And it somehow got here before the box my beloved Weef sent me. From the date stamped on jackass’s envelope, the Weef sent her nice stuff for me BEFORE jackass sent his spew to my CO.

CO: 1
Me: 0

How come some idiot’s hate mail can get here and a care package can’t?

This could be a very long float…

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