Apr 25, 2006


I found this somewhat strange. Look at this image (click it for biggie-size):
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Notice how every news outlet out there recognizes that Russia tossed a spy satellite into orbit for the Israelis to watch Iran EXCEPT Xinhua, the Chinese news agency. Check out the varsity dodge on this one:
A Russian Rocket carrying an Israeli commercial satellite was launched from Russia's Far Eastern cosmodrome Svobodny in Amur Region on Tuesday, the Federal Space Agency said...
The photographing of one and the same point on the Earth's surface is possible with a periodicity of four days. These satellites can be also used for prospecting purposes. (all emphasis mine - Mike)
Hmm... kinda odd...

Until you realize the following:
These guys are all supposed to be in bed together, and China probably doesn't want to throw a monkey into the wrench... confused?

Here -
(CNSNews.com) - The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which currently comprises China, Russia and four Central Asian republics, is preparing for a mid-year summit that is expected to enlarge the group...
Iran and three other observer nations -- Pakistan, India and Mongolia -- will soon be invited to join as full members, SCO Secretary General Zhang Deguang said last week.
So, Russia launches a spy satellite for the Jooos - who Iran has vowed to destroy - so that they can spy on Iran, thereby making the Chinese squirm and not want to deal with a slap-fight in their clubhouse, so a couple pinches of magic fairy dust later and poof - WHAT spy satellite? Of course, what more would you expect from the offical state-run Chi-comm news source?

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