Jun 28, 2006

Oh... THERE'S my Corps! 

Well, praise the lord and pass the ammunition!

Marine will not be prosecuted for ‘Hadji Girl’ song

Of course, the Corps' "official statement" is still "that we feel the lyrics were inappropriate." Fortunately, there were probably some Generals out there that didn't "feel" the same way and maybe even "thought" the lyrics were funny. And best of all, the UCMJ don't have a thing to say on the subject. That makes ME "feel" happy.

Michelle Malkin has a statement from the Cpl, which - if you read between the lines - makes it sound like he might be considering getting out. I couldn't really blame him, but that would be too bad. He's the kind of guy we need a few more of around here.

But at least we got this one right.

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