Jun 30, 2006

Wait... what? 

And then... confusion set in...
According to Parker, Belile agreed on the day of his exoneration to record “Hajji Girl” with the Mike Church Show Band after being advised by Marine officials that he was free to perform the song “as long as he didn’t do it as a Marine in uniform.”

But by the end of the week, according to Mosher, the Corps’ position had changed.

“I just got off the phone with Josh and he acted like it was something he couldn’t do because of his command,” Mosher said June 29. “He just said he had talked to his superiors and I was led to believe they told him it was now a no-no.”
“He told me he couldn’t do it at this time because he had talked to his command,” Mosher said on Friday. “When he phrased it like that, I asked if it was something that would get him in trouble and he said ‘yes.’ ”
Soooo... did his command just put the muzzle back on after the Corps said it was okay to take it off? Or - the even worse possibility - did the Corps just throw a bone to the outraged masses in the form of a smiley, happy press release, and then cave to CAIR anyway?

Ugh. Semper Fi, Mac.

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