Jul 7, 2006

From the "Just who's side are you on?!" file... 

In the continuing saga of "Hadji Girl," hope remains. Cpl Belile may not record the song, but a talk show host says he'll do it instead, and Cpl Belile may stand to receive royalties.


As good as all that sounds, here's the REAL reason for this post: Check out the Marine Corps Times lovely little MSM-esq slant that they throw at the story. The title is bad enough:

Talk show host to record Marine’s song about killing Iraqis

Nice... no mention of the fact that the lyrics clearly outline these Iraqis as the ENEMY. But the real kicker is the last line.
The debate over the song comes as details emerged of a former Army private accused in the horrific rape and killing of a young Iraqi woman and the execution-style slaying of her family.
Umm... what the holy hell does one have to do with the other? These are two totally separate stories. The MSM did it with Haditha, and now they are trying to do it with this Army thing. Yet the Marine Corps Times runs the AP story unchanged, with the MSM "throw 'em all under the bus" mentality. And don't give me that crap about "just running the story AS IS from the AP."

Go online and look at any news story that has a common source (usually the AP) and you'll see that news services often cut and paste parts of the article to make it fit their bandwidth, page space, or - worst case - agenda. Story titles will change, information will fall out, but ALL the stories have the same byline and obviously came from one larger, overarching document. Check it out for yourself. I promise you it's true. Any story you want. The bigger the better.

So what in the hell is the Marine Corps Times doing, letting this MSM-led, guilt-by-association ploy slide? Who's side are they on? My confidence in their product has been sliding for some time now, and this is not helping their case.

And maybe the best question of all: they couldn't write their own report? They're the MARINE CORPS Times, fer chrissake. They're supposed to be ALL OVER a story like this, but they run with the AP story instead? What's up with that?

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