Jul 11, 2006

The problem and the solution 

This is the single most graphic thing I have ever linked to, but I feel it necessary for some people out there who are not familiar with the enemy yet. Rusty over at My Pet Jawa has jihadi video posted of the bodies of soldiers Tucker and Menchaca. It IS NOT for the faint of heart, and if you are anything like me, it will damn well infuriate you.

Click here and read. The pictures and video are down the page a good bit. I point this out not only for the terrorist apologists - who would never lurk around here to begin with - but also for those who think they know the enemy. After you see this, you may well reevaluate your initial analysis... for the worse.

These jihadists are animals, pure and simple. They speak of honor while possessing none. They are liars of the first degree and killers of the worst kind. And we're helping them...
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- All detainees in U.S. military custody at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are to be granted all the privileges of the Geneva Conventions, sources have told CNN.

This is the first time the detainees -- including those suspected of being members of al Qaeda -- will have the full protection of the international conventions on holding prisoners of war.
This is the problem.

The solution? Ralph Peters has it:

Kill, Don’t Capture
Violent Islamist extremists must be killed on the battlefield. Only in the rarest cases should they be taken prisoner. Few have serious intelligence value. And, once captured, there's no way to dispose of them.

Killing terrorists during a conflict isn't barbaric or immoral - or even illegal. We've imposed rules upon ourselves that have no historical or judicial precedent. We haven't been stymied by others, but by ourselves.
THIS is how we should avoid the "horrors" of Abu Gharib. THIS is how we should put Gitmo out of business.
Isn't it time we gave our critics what they're asking for? Let's solve the "unjust" imprisonment problem, once and for all. No more Guantanamos! Every terrorist mission should be a suicide mission. With our help.
I'll just bet that Pfc Tucker and Pfc Menchaca would have liked to have been treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention. I'll bet they'd have liked to sleep in their own air-conditioned rooms, get fed hot chow every day, and take a stroll once every 24 hours around the exercise yard down in Cuba. I'll even bet they'd have preferred to have polaroids taken of them with panties on their heads and dog or two barking at them, over the treatment they ended up getting. But I could be wrong. As any good jihadi will tell you, beheading is far preferable to any of those options, right?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: if these assholes want to be martyrs, we'll be happy to assist. We should be putting up stats that'll make the ticker those jackasses have over at the "Iraqi Body Count" website look like a vast understatement. And NO, I DON'T MEAN WE SHOULD BE KILLING CIVILIANS, YOU ASSHOLE. But I damn well mean we should start taking this war seriously here at home, because it's lethal damn serious on the front. Apparently, we think this is just a game. Too bad the other side doesn't see it that way.

We used to see the enemy for who they were. We need to start doing it again.

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