Aug 23, 2006

Rev. Jackson to the rescue 

I have no good explanation for this, other than the one that has been offered in the past by Chris Rock:

- Jesse must've been, like: "Do you want the United States to really be mad at you? Give the hostages to ME." -
Washington D.C. (AHN) - Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson is attempting to negotiate the release of prisoners in the custody of Hezbollah and Israel.

In the past, Jackson has successfully negotiated the release of Americans and others held hostage or prisoner in Syria, Cuba, Iraq and Yugoslavia.

Jackson says he would go to Syria with other religious leaders "if we had the notion we could gain the release of prisoners on both sides. ... Such an effort would not be in conflict with our present policies because it would be humanitarian."
Thanks Rev. That's just what we need: YOU negotiating on behalf of Hezbollah terrorists to get their buddies out of lockup. But thanks for offering to do the same for the Israelis. Your fair, even-handed, non-moralistic, "humanitarian" approach leaves me all warm and fuzzy inside…

Ya gotta give it to the man, though. He delivers.

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I'm looking forward to a picture of Jesse with the couple hundred Hezbos that he manages to get sprung sometime in the near future. That'll be a real heart-warmer...

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