Sep 21, 2006

Dat man is da Debil... 

When I saw this...

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All I could think of was this...

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Are the situations the same? Well, no, the little girl is not a hostage. But yes, the propaganda attempt is obvious: Uncle Saddam/Hugo loves the little children - all the little children of the world… even the ones he'd happily kill at the drop of a hat.

For all his bluster, Hugo is quite serious about grabbing the torch of latin american dictatorship from Fidel before it has a chance to go out. Venezuela is WELL on it's way to becoming Cuba. Just in time too, because as soon as Fidel kicks… well, Cuba is going to become Miami. I expect to see an economic boom in Cuba within weeks of Fidel finally dropping dead. On the flip side of that, anybody want to start a pool now on how long it takes for Venezuelans to start building rafts to get themselves the hell out of Dodge?

My favorite speech of his is the old, tired "We're ready for the American invasion" bit. While it would be a nice change for me to go back to my green cammies, and for the Marine Corps as a whole to brush up on our jungle warfare skills, sorry Hugo. You don't pack the gear to RATE a U.S. invasion. We've got bigger fish to fry, and you're just too stupid to be fathomed. For instance, if G.W. Bush is the Devil, I find it interesting that Satan's MONEY is still good enough for your wallet. In a related story, consider getting your gas from somewhere other than CITGO. Yeah, yeah... American franchises, no money goes to Venezuela... whatever. I say, why chance it.

All in all, we'll probably have to deal with Hugo at some point… and when I say "deal," I don't mean that we sit down with him over a cup of coffee and discuss our feelings. Depending on how much he snuggles up to Iran, we may have to do that sooner rather than later... inshallah.

On a side note, in today's "pork takes to the wing" moment, Congressman Rangel put his gravel-gargling voice to work to tell Hugo to stuff it. Memo to Charlie: talk like that will get you "Liebermanned." There's probably already a thread at Democratic Underground calling for your impeachment. (I am just posting now, but I actually wrote this before the update where Allahpundit found the DU thread and proved me right. I'd like to say "damn, I'm good," but DU is just that predictable.)

I will cede Hugo one point, though: the UN still sucks.

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