Sep 4, 2006

News flash 

Crocodile hunter dead at 44 - killed by a stingray barb to the heart.

I've been saying for years that he was going to go out "with his boots on," probably on TV. Well, he was filming a documentary when it happened, and I wish I could say I'm surprised... (UPDATE: What I'd actually always said was "He's gonna die on live TV in front of an international audience." It might not be live, but I may be closer than I'd initially thought. Check it out.)

But after watching him come within a millimeter of having his nuts bitten off by a Black Mamba - the world's most lethal snake - a couple years ago, I knew that he could only play with fire for so long before he got burned. BAD. Of course, he was holding the snake by the tail at the time, and I'm not any kind of expert, but is that really the spot to hold on to the thing... if you're gonna hold it at all?

I feel for his family. I think the man was truly a lover of wildlife and a great conservationist... noble causes, both. But he was one step up the ladder from the guy who went out to live with the Grizzlys and got himself eaten. The only part about this that's shocking is that it was a stingray that got him. Human fatalities due to stingrays are only a handful a year - probably less than two dozen, from what I could find. This was actually one of the SAFER animals that Steve could have been with. How ironic. He'll definitely be missed.

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