Oct 2, 2006


Are we surprised? Nooooo... we are not.
Former US president Bill Clinton tried to 'hit on' actress Demi Moore, her husband Ashton Kutcher has said. Kutcher, the star of the hit MTV show Punk'd, told chat host Jay Leno that Clinton made eyes at his superstar wife during a recent function.
"I met Bill Clinton once but he didn't really talk — he was hitting on my wife," Kutcher told Leno.
"I don't think he looked at me the whole time," Kutcher said. "I was like the guy that wasn't there."
Of course, in Bubba's defense, I'd probably be doing the same thing. The not talking to Ashton part, not the hitting on Demi part. Beloved Wif might take issue with that... Don't take it personal Ashton, but you are not NEARLY as interesting as Demi, for a variety of reasons, only the first of which is that you are not a hot female-type person.

I will, however, give Ashton props for his new Coastie flick, which - while pretty formulaic and somewhat predictable towards the end - was enjoyable anyway. I like the guy, but no matter what he does, he's always gonna be Kelso and my supercomputer-like brain does not calculate information at a speed fast enough to process how Demi goes from "Die Hard," to "Dude, Where's My Car?" Good deal for him, though.

Once more for the road, Mr. President. With feeling this time...


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