Oct 31, 2006

Just in time for Halloween: Lurch! 

What do you think for tonight?

Space baby:
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Or the obvious:
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In his latest attempt at encompassing all that is stupid, though, THIS is more what came to my mind:
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Regardless of how he meant it, the man is a dumbass… or was it a douchebag? Mweh… they're interchangeable…
“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.
The first time I heard it I was pissed. The second time, I thought "He's gonna spin this by saying he was talking about Bush, not the troops." The third time I heard it… I'm not so sure he didn't actually mean it as a dig at Bush, just like he's now saying. While I don't think Kerry's smart enough to have intentionally wordsmithed a statement that could be taken either way (yes, take a second and breathe, and you could easily construe this as a jab at the President, not the military), I DO think he's stupid enough to say something that will once again make him a topic of conversation really close to an election. And as we all know, John Kerry is not someone you want to be associated with at election time. Just ask any of the multiple dozens of staffers from his Presidential bid who jumped ship during the home stretch in '04. Leave it to ol' Lurch to stick his foot in it during an election cycle where he isn't even on the ballot.

I'm fully convinced the man joined the Navy to get the check in the box on the way to becoming Jonh F. Kennedy, not because of any underlying desire to actually be in the military. His voting record shows an undeniable distaste for all things DoD. His big mouth backs that up. Unless of course it's popular at the time and might look good in the next campaign… He is a "non-hacker" in every sense of the word. As way of comparison, there are MANY things I don't agree with John McCain about, but he'll at least have my respect. John Kerry never will. And if… IF… good God forbid… that man - John F-ing Kerry - EVER becomes Commander in Chief, you know what I'm gonna do?


I respect the office. The guy who occupies it is of little consequence when it comes to MY desire to be a Marine. The fact that I like the man who's currently there is just a bonus.

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Ya got that, sparky?

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