Nov 1, 2006

Jack Cafferty is an idiot 

Every time that crotchety old ass shows his crotchety old mug on TV I reach for the mute button. But if I don't make it, the stuff I hear him say causes my Agent Orange to act up, and then I get the urge to kill. Chucklehead stood up on CNN's "Situation Room" program today and said that the Pentagon has started up a new "media spin unit on your - the American taxpayer's - dime." He then went on to say that this was expressly to combat the Mainstream Media's presentation of Iraq. Well, ass, I'd like to clarify a few things:

First, everything the government does is on the taxpayers' dime. That's how it works, retard. We pay taxes, the government spends them on stuff. What? You worried you won't be able to pay off that new Jag now that you're funding this monstrosity of the military-industrial complex? I'm surprised you didn't find a way to work the word "Halliburton" into your talking points too, you asshat.

Second, you've either inflated your status in your own mind to the point where you think you "rate" government oppression, or you actually DO run with jihadi propaganda stories whenever you can. I'm betting on the latter, so thanks for owning up to fact that you are the enemy. I'm glad to see that you now admit that your agenda and America's are 180 out.

Third, it's about damn time we set up something like this that actually works. Like Rusty said, we're always gearing up for the last war. We need to get ourselves ahead of the bad guys on this new front. The enemy has cornered the market on propaganda and is running though the multi-media OODA loop faster than we are. It's time to fight fire with fire. I've said it before and I'll say it again.

CNN offers you the chance to respond to Cafferty' question of the hour. I sent in a response too late to make it on the air. I'm sure it wouldn't have anyway, as the ones that did were nothing but parroted Cafferty-style "righteous indignation" and "how dare they!" attitude. Regardless, I fired this downrange, keeping in mind that I wanted it to be airworthy in the event that somebody from the VRWC is working undercover over there. Otherwise, it would have looked like what you just read. The question was: "How would you advise the Pentagon's new "rapid response" PR team?"
I'd advise the unit to counter the spin being put out by jihadist propaganda websites and al-Qadea's own media entities. Oh wait - that's this unit's job to begin with. As a military and a nation, we suck at Information Operations (aka, propaganda and counter-propaganda). To claim that the American taxpayer is getting screwed here is a flat out falsehood. He's getting his money's worth... finally. The fact that you think this unit was stood up with the stated purpose of countering the likes of YOU, only confirms for me that YOU are content with broadcasting a message that needs to be countered - the enemy's. Maybe if you spat out the lefty kool-aid you'd see that, but that's way too much to ask, isn't it?
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I'd like to know what the guy looks like without a load in his shorts, but he always looks like this.

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