Nov 8, 2006

SecDef hangs up his spurs 

WOW. Anybody see that one coming? I sure as hell didn't. As I told Smokin over the email, if the SecDef was gonna hang 'em up anyway he should have done it last week. That could have maybe even bumped a few votes back into the "R" column. Now it just looks like Rumsfeld ran for the hills before Pelosi could dispatch the flying monkeys to take him away. In other words, it looks worse than it probably really is.

Uncle Jimbo presented one take on a Rumsfeld retirement a while ago that I found interesting, and not necessarily a bad idea. Now he's got a whole different take on things that I don't really agree with… but at the same time I can see where he's comin' from.

And here's more election fallout for your consideration: John Bolton is most likely going to be screwed out of being the US Ambassador to the UN. He's the only American in government in recent history that I can think of who's had the stones to tell the UN they're full of crap. We should have told that whole operation to pound sand years ago. Maybe it'll get better with the new guy from South Korea running the show over there, but I doubt it. Here's a case of the chills at no extra charge: he's not going to be the Secretary General any time soon, but how's about US Ambassador to the United Nations William Jefferson Clinton?

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