Nov 11, 2006

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Donate to a progam that helps wounded members of the military use voice-activated software to write emails home... and let's kick the Army's butt at the same time! In a friendly way, of course...

Click over to Blackfive to see what this is all about, kick in a donation, and then join a team the Marine Team if you have a blog. The money all goes to same place, but for the love of all things holy, we can't get upstaged by the Army!

UPDATE (1600, 10 Nov): The Navy crossed the finish line first after being linked at the almighty Powerline blog and scoring some HUGE donations. Let's finish strong Marines. We're 3 grand from finishing and 7 grand ahead of Army, so this can still at least be a Deparment of the Navy show! You've got till the end of today to throw in.

UPDATE (1120, 11 Nov): Well, after getting across the line first, Navy turned around and helped us run it in... and now we're actually ahead of them! Officially, this thing is over. But I say, as long as that webpage is up and running (which it still is as of right now) keep going. And let's drag in those Army and Air Force guys. Especially Air Force... whatsamatter fellas? Too busy out on the base golf course? I kid, I kid...

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