Dec 5, 2006

It's just tiresome 

You know, I really expect more from people when it comes to propaganda. For starters, know the capabilities of the stuff you're talking about. In regards to the recent unfortunate crash of a CH-46:
A group that calls itself the Islamic State of Iraq posted a sign on a nearby mosque in Haditha announcing that the helicopter had 30 passengers on board and had been downed, according to a resident who read the sign.
Sorry, jackasses, but the last time a Phrog carried 30 guys was… um… NEVER. Oh you could fit them in (maybe). But the gross weight of that aircraft would preclude it from leaving the deck. And as far as it being shot down, I can assure you that was not the case. This was accidental and/or mechanical in nature - there was no enemy fire involved. The "Islamic State of Iraq" is also claiming the recent downing of an F-16 as their handiwork. At this point I almost expect them to say they shot down the F-18 that crashed at Miramar last week, too.

Of course, they also happily confess to the murder of many people in and around Baghdad. THAT particular claim I believe (though there's no telling if their numbers are as high as they say). Just visit the Salafist kool-aid dispensers at Jihad Unspun to catch up on the latest press releases from these clowns.

Misinformation and deceit. It's not just for the AP anymore.

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