Dec 7, 2006

Oh really? 

Former Turkish Prime Minister (and apparent history major) Necmettin Erbakan, unleashed this fun fact when discussing the Pope's recent visit to Turkey:
"All humanity, including the Pope, owes everything to Islam and to our Prophet. It was Islam that taught humanity about cleanliness, about knowledge, about God's work, and about all the core elements of happiness. Whatever this man called the Pope knows about being clean, whatever he knows about numbers - including his ability to add and subtract - he acquired from the Muslims, who created science and gave it to the world."
This came as shocking news to Aristotle, Archimedes, Imhotep, Liu Hui, the guys who built Stonehenge, the creators of the Antikythera Mechanism, and a whole assload of Mayans, all of whom walked the planet anywhere from hundreds to thousands of years before Mohammed and Allah became penpals. Remember what I was just saying about propaganda? But once we all convert and find out about "the core elements of happiness," I see this whole 'historical timeline' thing not really being a problem anymore...

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