Dec 10, 2006

Wonder-twin powers, ACTIVATE! 


In this case, twin 1 threatened to sue and twin 2 folded like oragami. 'Tis the season...
SEATAC, Wash. — For people flying in and out of the Seattle area, there will be no holiday spirit to accompany the holiday travel season.

In response to a rabbi's request to add an 8-foot menorah to holiday decorations, officials at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport instead decided to remove all nine Christmas trees.

Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky made the request weeks ago, when he demanded officials add a menorah next to the trees and threatened to file a lawsuit if his request wasn't honored.

Instead, officials decided to remove holiday decorations as a whole.
I wish I could write this off as Seatown merely maintaining it's long-standing, socialistic, PC-based tendencies. But these days, I wouldn't be surprised to see this kind of stuff happen anywhere. What a crock.

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And lest anyone think I'm blaming the JOOOS (with the exception of Wonder-twin 1)...

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Get over yourselves, all you Politically Correct dirtbags!

UPDATE: Well, at least SOMEBODY has some balls... and bells, and lights too I'd guess...
SEATAC, Wash. — The official Christmas trees may still be missing from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, but a few individual airline employees have decided to try to put some spirit back into the holiday.

Employees at both Delta and Frontier airlines took up a collection on Monday and bought a few foot-tall decorated trees for the check-in counter.
At this point, SeaTac is almost a magnet for the flying imams as part of their World Outrage Tour. Stay tuned...

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