Dec 21, 2006

Year in review 

It's been a banner year for the R.O.P.O. I'll let Michelle Malkin do the playback for you. And hey, the year's not over... still a chance to squeeze a little more in.

The flip side to that is this: this song has hit the blogs like a tidal wave in the last week. Who am I to be different? I've downloaded the whole album from their website and have been blasting it for two days. I may even drop these guys some love and hand over the 15 bones for an actual CD. If you want the full effect, go download at least "For the Cause of Allah" and "Prelude to Anger." Listen to those, and THEN watch "Open Season," by Stuck Mojo. (The guy speaking on "For the Cause of Allah" is Walid Shoebat, by the way. Who the hell is he? THAT'S who.)

Graphic content/graphic language warning. That said, crank it.

Bonus interview with the guitarist/band founder archived at HotAir.

The first person who says that this video is just fueling Jihadist fires and hatred against America can kiss my ass. Remember, it DOESN'T MATTER what we do. We could sit around with our thumbs up our rectums and they'd still want us dead. Ain't NOBODY wondered why Hitler and Tojo wanted to kill us, so the next person to ask "Why do they hate us?" is getting thrown under a bus. It's time for some good old fashioned hatred of the people who hate us.

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