Feb 5, 2007

5 minutes of your time 

That's all it will take to read this, and then you'll see why - in the long run - the current state of Sunni-Shi'a "relations" is a good thing for America. In the short term it's just red-on-red violence (our most favoritist type)... which is good from a tactical standpoint, but completely worthless when it comes to really fixing anything in the Middle East. A sample you ask for, a sample you shall have:
So, an organization that had hoped to rally the entire Muslim world to jihad against the West has been dragged instead into a dirty internal war within Islam. Bin Laden began his struggle hoping to topple the Saudi regime. He is now aligned with the Saudi monarchy as it organizes against Shiite domination. This necessarily limits Al Qaeda's broader appeal and complicates its basic anti-Western strategy.

These emerging divisions weaken Al Qaeda, but they will help most Muslims only if this story ends as the Reformation did. What is currently a war of sects must become a war of ideas. First, Islam must make space for differing views about what makes a good Muslim. Then it will be able to take the next step and accept the diversity among religions, each true in its own way.
As has been said many times, Islam must fix itself; it cannot be done from the outside. Five minutes, I swear... you won't be disappointed.

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