Feb 9, 2007

It's minus 30 outside? Must be global warming... 

I don't usually go here, but this is simply too good to pass up. Via the Jawas:

Fortress of Solitude to be Built in Arctic
An Arctic "doomsday vault" aimed at providing mankind with food in case of a global catastrophe will be designed to sustain the effects of climate change, the project's builders said as they unveiled the architectural plans.

The top-security repository, carved into the permafrost of a mountain in the remote Svalbard archipelago near the North Pole, will preserve some three million batches of seeds from all known varieties of the planet's crops.

The hope is that the vault will make it possible to re-establish crops obliterated by major disasters.

"We have taken into consideration the (outside) temperature rising and have located the facility so far inside the rock that it will be in permafrost and won't be affected" by the outside temperature, Magnus Bredeli Tveiten, project manager at Norway's Directorate of Public Construction and Property, told AFP.
Apparently, somebody thinks that "The Day After Tomorrow" was a documentary.
It is also expected to be safe if the ices of Antarctica completely melt, which experts say could increase sea levels by 61 meters (200 feet).
Of course, if they DO completely melt, how are we gonna get there? Swim? And what land will we be growing this food in? It'll all be underwater, won't it? I hope everybody paid attention during that science experiment in third grade where you grew a potato in a jar without any dirt...
The entry to the vault, which will shoot out of the mountainside, will be a narrow triangular portal made of cement and steel, illuminated with artwork that changes according to the Arctic light. In summer, "in the midnight sun, it will look like a large diamond," said Tveiten. In winter, when the sun does not rise above the horizon, "it will glow into the darkness," he added.
Because there will be so many people up there to… you know… look at it… all the time… yeah…

The whole thing - all 8000-plus square feet of it - will last for more than 200 years, and sit behind an airlocked door, buried 400 feet inside a mountain… much like NORAD

Final thought: provided anyone remembers that this thing is there and what it's purpose is two centuries from now, and fire and brimstone fall from the sky and melt every last little snow ball we have, AND anyone can swim to the North Pole and get to this thing… how will they open it? I'm pretty sure we'll need someone on the inside to open it for us. I nominate Al Gore.

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oh, and uh... Manbearpig

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