Feb 13, 2007

Oh, well nevermind then... 

So, Michael Yon - combat journalist extraordinaire and former Special Forces guy says - what the hell is this thing?

The call goes out across the blogs for a weapons recce. Blackfive wants to know. So do the Lizards. So does Drudge. And the Armory itself is scratching it's collective head. People go high and right and say it's everything from a new MANPAD to an RPG. Even I get in on the act in B5's comments and say it's probably some type of improvised S-5 rocket launcher (of which there are hundreds in Iraq).

And then... yeeeeaah... I think we been had...

All the guys guessing "potato gun" and "new Cobra prototype for defeating G.I.Joe" were pretty damn close it appears. I wonder if this is how Boston felt when the Mooninites attacked... And in that vein...

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