Feb 20, 2007

Today's "You gotta be sh%#in' me" moment... 

... brought to you by Military Press.

For those of you not spending your days on military bases in California, Military Press puts out a free weekly magazine that is distributed to 49 bases and over 700,000 troops (by their own estimates). They usually put in a ridiculously short story about some actress or singer, seemingly only so that they can put her picture on the cover and thereby boost readership among the extremely male-heavy armed forces. Not a bad marketing strategy, I suppose. Sometimes it hits, sometimes it misses... hey, it's free: ya get what ya pay for.

But today I spotted this and became slightly pissed off. This is the current cover:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

What's wrong with this picture? How's about we zoom in on the bottom left...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

That's right: a dead Anna Nicole rates the full page, but a dead helo crew is relegated to two inches in the lower corner. What a crock.

When you get inside, the amount of page space dedicated to the two stories is about even, and the helo memorial is actually mentioned on an earlier page. But the fact remains that the death of a gold digging, idiot ex-stripper got the headline over the loss of a Navy helo crew... in a publication with a MILITARY READERSHIP, no less.

You know what my first thought was when she kicked? "Hey, the war must be over, because I can't find it on any of the news channels." I expect this crap from CNN and the "pop-culture-crime-of-the-week watch" at Fox News, but from these guys too? C'mon...

Final thought: The only person who's death I give even less of a crap about than Anna Nicole's? Princess Di. If the Brits cry over her, that's their thing. But all the American hand wringing for her - still, 10 years later - is the stupidest shit I've ever seen...

UPDATE: I went back and looked again, and realized that Anna actually has TWO mentions in MP and the second one (closer to the back of the magazine) is significantly larger, thus making this whole thing even more disgusting than I initially thought. And I hope that judge who busted down into tears at the trial regarding custody right for her body chokes. What a little bitch that guy is. F'ing unbelievable...

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