Mar 19, 2007

Cheney still eeevil 

But Halliburton... not so much. It may take awhile for the memos to circulate, but I'd be willing to bet that within the next month will be the LAST time you ever hear or see Halliburton mentioned by anyone in the rabid anti-war movement. Now that daddy war bucks George Soros has his hand in the till, everything is A-OK. Right?

Normally, I'm willing to overlook the hypocrisy of the liberal elite. If Al Gore and his Hollywood cronies want to fly around on gas-guzzling, atmosphere-polluting private jets while railing against global climate change, I'm willing to overlook it.

But the latest move by globe trotting, hyper-liberal billionaire George Soros
borders on being too much. (all emphasis mine - Mike)
It only borders on too much for a confessed liberal hypocricy forgiver. See? No problemo.

UPDATE: Okay, I'll grant that I can't tell if the author is being serious or a wise-ass right there. And from reading some of his other stuff, it looks like he may very well be a wise-ass. But my point still stands...

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