Mar 16, 2007

Why I'll be seeing "300" AT LEAST two more times 

Anything that makes Iran this uncomfortable is ABSOLUTELY worth the price of admission... twice THRICE. The most unsettling part of the review isn't even who they blame for the movie (hint: it starts with a "J" and ends with an "s"... and has an "ew" in the middle). No, no. The wierdest part is that it's in english, not farsi. Wonder who they were making this for...

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UPDATE: Exactly!
Because the dirty little secret is, we used to write these movies all the time. Impossible odds. Quixotic causes. Death before surrender. Real all-American stuff, in which our heroes stood up for God and country and defending Princess Leia and getting back home to see their wives and children, with their shields or on them.

And the dirtier little secret is: We loved writing them.

Even a blacklisted communist like Carl Foreman came up with "High Noon," in which a lone Gary Cooper defends a town full of ungrateful, carping yellowbellies and then throws away his badge in disgust at their cowardice.

But then came psychiatrists and psychologists and Ritalin and global warming and racism and sexism and homophobia and the enlightened among us said the hell with John Wayne and Gary Cooper. Hollywood became one big Agatha Christie novel in the last chapter - you know, where the survivors gather in the drawing room and realize: The killer must be one of us!

But now, I'm starting to wonder.

Starting to wonder if celebrating diversity is getting us anywhere when the Iranians think we're insulting their civilization by making King Xerxes a seven-foot-tall club queen.

Starting to wonder if a movie that has no stars, the look and feel of a video game, and the moral code of the United States Marine Corps might have something to say, even to audiences in New York and L.A.

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