May 9, 2007

Vive la... what? 

There has been a general outpouring of happy on the conservative side of the blogosphere over the recent election of the conservative, pro-American Nicolas Sarkozy in France to the office of president. I was inclined to join in, but then realized that all I knew about the guy was two things: that he was NOT a declared Socialist (unlike his opponent, Segolene Royal), and that he was NOT Jacques Chirac (unlike Jacques Chirac). I had a little quiver of concern when I heard that his only comment for America in his acceptance speech was to
"[accept] that your friends might think differently and that a great nation like the US of A has a duty not to obstruct the struggle against climate change, and on the contrary to take the lead in this fight, because what's at stake is the fate of all mankind."
So I figure, 'Ok. I'll accept him bowing at the alter of Gore, as long as he can stop Shari'a from taking over France and maybe bring France back to being a friend to the United States for a change.' But I want to know more, so I go look up someone who I haven't read in a great long while (and with good reason - his last post was eight months ago): The Dissident Frogman. I figure that somebody who lives in France, is conservative, and supports America might actually know what the hell's going on. And what does the Frogman have to say?

Meet the new clown, same as the old clown
Sarkozy is all talk, no walk. Or worse: talk, but walk the other way. A politician as cunning and deceitful as Chirac, only younger.

From his opponent however, the (official) Socialist Royal, one can definitely expect that every single bad political, social and economical idea would be devised and enforced, no matter the cost, and no matter annoying parameters such as "Reality" and "Facts" that do tend to get in the way of Great Social Experiments for the Greater Good of l’Humanité -- and are frankly the only things preventing us from reaching the well overdue Workers' Paradise.
With that in mind, I therefore went to cast my vote. Against Royal.
It don't look much better from there. So, until further notice, I'm here to report that my official stance on France remains unchanged: the Marquis de Lafayette was the last Frenchman worth getting excited over. I like Jean Reno too, but according to his bio he's not actually French by birth or heritage (heh - I shoulda figured), so I'm back to Lafayette.

Here's hoping that the Frogman gets back to blogging regularly. That's a data feed worth plugging into.

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