Jun 4, 2007

Ever wonder what would happen? 

Say we take the welfare and nanny-state ideology to it's natural conclusion. Want to know what that would look like? Well, wonder no more.
GURGAON, India — For a week, angry throngs from one of India's lower castes blocked roads with burning barricades, stoned police and clashed with rival castes to make a single, simple point: They want to be even lower.

With 25 people dead, the unrest spread to the fringes of New Delhi on Monday as thousands of Gujjars, a class of farmers and shepherds, pressed their demand to be officially shunted to the lowest rung of India's hereditary caste system so they can get government jobs and university spots reserved for such groups.
What? You mean when the government says that if you're broke they'll give you free stuff and more money, people will intentionally TRY to get handouts by being the poorest? I'm shocked... SHOCKED, I SAY!

But a race for the bottom must be prefaced by a government willing to just give the stuff away. Fortunately, we live in America, where you'd never find anyone willing to advocate that sort of thing...

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