Jun 21, 2007

Who's More Grizzled? * 

You choose.

Exhibit A:
A 62-year-old US Vietnam veteran says he was acting on instinct when he strangled a rabid bobcat that attacked him on the back porch of his Florida home.

Dale Rippy endured the 11 kilogram bobcat's slashes and bites until it clawed into a position where he could grab it by the throat.
Then he strangled it.
Exhibit B:
A camping trip to Low Gap Camp Grounds near Helen turned into a harrowing experience for Chris Everhart and his three sons when they tangled with a 300-pound black bear. But it proved fatal for the bear.

The bear had taken the Everharts’ cooler and was heading back to the woods when 6-year-old Logan hurled a shovel at it. Fearing what might happen next, the Norcross father and ex-Marine grabbed the closest thing he could find — a log.

“[I] threw it at it, and it happened to hit the bear in the head,” Chris Everhart said. “I thought it just knocked it out,
but it actually ended up killing the bear.
Items to consider -
1. No mention is made of "A"'s branch of service, but I'd bet Marine.
2. Exhibit B loses a point for being immediately fined by the U.S. Forest Service for "failing to secure his camp site" - HOWEVER...
3. OFFSETTING PENALTY - News site sides with bear, saying it was "assaulted." Point returned due to overextension of PC crap. Repeat the down...
4. No mention made of size of log, but I'd bet it's huge and was chopped down by some large swinging appendage belonging to "B."

When reached for comment, Chuck Norris said, "If I ran across either of these guys in a dark alley, I'd lie down and play dead... it might be my only chance."

* - reference gag located here

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