Aug 9, 2007

I'd like to dedicate this one to... 

Jack "Joker" Murtha. I'd call him "Pyle" but that would be an insult to all the "Pyle"s out there...

Why, you may ask? Here's why. Ain't it odd how a pack of crap cooked up months after the fact by a reporter and a bunch of possibly enemy affiliated, completely unconfirmable "witnesses" was swallowed whole by a US Congressman and former ex-Marine?

Sorry, sir, but while scenes like this are common in the movies, it just don't happen that way. Hate to disappoint...

UPDATE: Raven said in the comments that she was going to call the good Congressman's office and ask about when that apology was going to be issued. She wasn't the only one. I hope she actually got an answer, unlike Bryan.

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