Aug 8, 2007

Made it 

Checked in. Got a preview of the new job. Not what I was looking for, and nowhere near what I was expecting. May or may not suck. Still much too early to determine... I've got three (yes THREE) check-in sheets that will probably take until the end of next week to get filled out by all the proper cats and dogs.

House issues galore. If you thought I was pissed at my loan agent, I'd love - LOVE - to vent my spleen about the person who the sold me the house. I won't, only because there may be pending legal action. Long story short: full disclosure means FULL disclosure. The words "as is" do not absolve you as a seller from telling me as a buyer what's jacked up about the property. And it ain't like she didn't know all the ins and outs... she's a real estate agent. I remember thinking early on when I found out the seller was an agent that this would either go smooth as silk or I'd get bent over. Apparently it was door #2.

Anyway, much to do and little time. Will be back when able.

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