Sep 15, 2007

The answer 

My bro is a genius.
It's one of the most commonly heard phrases in the English language. "Violence is never the answer." But in film it seems, violence is always the answer. So I hope to get a new phrase out into the world. One that will catch on and become a part of the lexicon. With any luck you will someday buy a t-shirt that says this and I will receive a royalty check of 18 cents for it. A t-shirt that reads "2+2= Violence." ("2+2= Violence" is an official trademark of BobCorp. and cannot be copied or reproduced without the express written consent of Major League Baseball.) The last three films I've gone to have all shown very different sides of violence. So here we go. Let's get our violence on...
Your check for $0.18 is on the way Bob.

This is even more interesting when paired with See-Dubya's post at Hot Air about the forthcoming slew of anti-war films which all seem to have - at their hearts - depictions of a whole lot of violence. Apparently, for Hollywood, it doesn't matter which side of any argument you're on, so long as the explosions are big enough.

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