Oct 16, 2007

Marine Corps High? 

Apparently so...
Some of the first students at Chicago Public Schools' new Marine Corps Academy of Math and Science presented the colors Monday.

The new school was formally dedicated with the mayor and other officials looking on. It combines college prep classes with the order and structure of a military academy. It will be run and taught by Marine Corps officers.

"You see other high schools and students are running around, undisciplined. Here, we all look nice in our uniforms," said student Alejandra Duenas.

Enrollment is expected to climb from the current 130 to about 550 students within three year. Mayor Richard M. Daley insists the role of the school is not to bring young people into the armed forces but to instill discipline and self awareness.

"This is not a recruitment effort, our Junior ROTC program and the military academies. This is to educate," Daley said.

One local anti-war activist is more than a little skeptical.

"What it does prepare them to do is be good little soldiers, which I'm afraid we've got all too much of these days," said Andy Thayer.

"Be not afraid of the criticism you have," Daley said. "You get stronger because of the criticism against the military academies, because you are going to outperform."

Despite the critics, more of this is on the way. In 2009, look for CPS to open an Air Force Academy high school.

Argonne National Labs is partnering with the new Marine Academy and will offer internships for students.
Andy Thayer makes quite the convincing argument. "...good little soldiers, which I'm afraid we've got all too much of these days." Yeah, way too much of that soldiering type stuff going on in America. We've got less than one percent of the nation in uniform (including the reserves), we're kicking JROTC and ROTC off campuses across the country, and this yutz says there's "too much soldiering going on."

But he does live in Chicago, so I sleep comfortably knowing that he must pee is pants with dread every time he drives down Lake Shore...

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What a tool...

I wonder if Matty O' knows anything about this school?

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