Oct 2, 2007

Today's Stupid/Purposefully Misleading Headline 

Al-Reuters, once again hard at work, white-washes the attempt by a man to walk into the US Embassy in Austria yesterday with a backpack full of hand grenades and nails:

Austria seeks motive after embassy bomb scare

After doing the usual kabuki dance about the Bosnian assailant having been
"confused" and had been in psychiatric care in the past
they drop a hint way down at the bottom about something else. What could it be... what could it be...
The man's backpack contained a religious book typically read by Bosnian Muslims during the Ramadan fasting month.
A book read by Muslims during Ramadan? Oh... what's the title of that thing? It's on the tip of my tongue. It'll come to me just give me a second...


See also: the Seattle Jewish Federation building attack, the Jeep enthusiast at UNC, the DC Snipers, etc.

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