Nov 29, 2007

The ROPO strikes again 

This story has been out for a few days now, but in case you've been living under a rock, a British school teacher in Sudan is being threatened by members of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage with at best imprisonment/at worst death for allowing her class of 7-year-olds to name a teddy bear Mohammed.

Yes, you read that right.

But slow down. There are always two sides to every story, right?
"We want to tell you that the majority of Sudanese are Muslims so we love our Prophet Mohammed so much and we decry this careless way of dealing with our beloved Prophet."
...27-year- old Elsheikh El Nour, added: "If she made an innocent mistake and did not mean Mohammed the Prophet (when naming the bear) there is no problem.

"But if she did mean Mohammed the Prophet, she must die."
See? Two sides.

Nevermind that "... a boy of seven came forward on Tuesday to say it was "all his fault", as he and his classmates at the Unity High School had voted to call the bear Mohammed after his own name." That's neither here nor there.

Can you even imagine the shitstorm that would occur if someone in a western nation was threatened with death for naming a teddy bear "Jesus"? Those doing the threatening would be universally condemned as thugs, belittled as cavemen, and torn apart in the press a fascist religious fanatics.

But do the same for Mohammed? Par for the course baby (even if we're a little hazy on exactly which Mohammed we're talking about).

I concur with one of the commenters at the linked story: "Send in the SAS."


After I wrote this, Gillian Gibbons was sentenced to 15 days in prison and deportation. Hopefully she makes it out of the country with her head still attached. Even then, she had probably make sure she maintains a low profile once back in the UK if she wants to avoid the Theo van Gogh treatment. They don't call it Londonistan for nothing.

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