Jan 6, 2008

Dungeon Master Adam Gadahn begs for wedgie, bullet in the head 

Dude, seriously? This is the best you've got? Do other al-Qaeda guys even associate with you anymore? This is the most pathetic and laughable thing you've done yet. Congratulations, you have actually become a caricature of yourself.

If for some reason those of you playing along at home don't know who our dear, chubby Dungeon Master is, he's this guy, and believe it or not, he's worth a million bucks. He is also someone whom I bear more hatred for than Osama bin Laden, because he is a no shit traitor to the United States. I will say this though, Azzam Adam Ms. Pearlman - those are the most womanly hands I've seen yet on a terrorist Dungeon Master. Seriously. If you put some sparkle on those nails, I bet all the goats will come a' runnin'.

UPDATE: "Revolting geek of mass proportions."

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