Jan 31, 2008

Support and Defend 

You all remember the action in Berserkely from last October, right? Round two is on. And it’s time to start droppin’ elbows.
"We are the defenders of democracy, the upholders of the Constitution," said Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink. "If it weren't for people like the people in Berkeley, standing up for what they believe, we'd be living under Hitler."
Well, well well. Is that right? YOU are the defenders of democracy. YOU uphold the Constitution. It’s you and the folks in Berserkely that have stood up against Hitler, eh?

Well listen up toots, and listen fucking good. It’s people like my grandfathers (and grandmother) who stood up for what they believed and actually beat THE REAL HITLER. It’s people like my father and my uncles who kept the forces of Soviet communism at bay. And it’s people like me who have raised their right hand and sworn to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” and are putting in long hours away from family and friends to ensure that a piece of parchment that sits in a climate controlled, bulletproof case in Washington continues to be the guiding light for this nation. These are all things that you wouldn’t know shit about, you shriveled up, hideous waste of space.

You are much more familiar with sending $600,000 to - and I quote - “the other side” in early 2005 right after our Fallujah offensive, effectively providing cash to Sunni insurgents/al-Qaeda in Iraq that had evaded us during the fighting. You are well versed in protesting our commitment to our allies in South Korea, calling for (along with Cindy Assclown Sheehan) actions that would effectively cede the peninsula to North Korea without us there to stop them from grabbing it. You are thoroughly aware of how to organize violent havoc and rioting in Seattle. And you most certainly know how to praise Hugo Chavez’ snatching of private property and rights in Venezuela and then support the same policies being implemented here in the U.S.

In short, YOU, Medea Benjamin, are the very antithesis of a “defender of democracy and upholder of the Constitution.” I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. Not because of any fire extinguishing assistance it might lend, but because I’m sure that if my dick was within such close proximity to you it would shrivel up and fall off in protest.

Forget Hitler. You and the rest of your similarly withered, degenerate, crusty “turn on, tune in, drop out” burnout buddies do not have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to a colicky baby. So you spend your time screaming at the top of your lungs at a free government that you know won’t suppress you in any way. You do this to the point that – since the government won’t “torture” you – you “torture” each other.

Last October when this story broke, I thought to myself, “Why in the world do we have an OSO in Berkely? Ain’t nobody in that neighborhood gonna join the Corps.” And then I saw how some normal folks stood up and told Code Pink to get bent, and figured that there was still some worth to having an office there. Now, after this latest round, I don’t care if anyone in Berkeley wants the office there or not. I say we leave it there and reinforce that sumbitch like it was Khe Sanh. It’ll be the thorn in the ass of Medea and all those other “defenders of democracy” who want it gone because it makes them feel inferior. That’s right – INFERIOR.

The truth is, Medea, you slack jawed, droopy-faced, fucking nitwit, that you don’t want this office there because it makes you feel small. It makes you feel dirty. It makes you feel unworthy. And you should. Because you ARE small, dirty, and unworthy. You have spit in the face of those who, for generations, have actually defended democracy, upheld the Constitution, and literally stood up to defeat Hitler – and any reminder of the importance of their actions is also a reminder of the utter worthlessness of yours.

Ultimately, you festering pieces of putrid fecal matter can’t stand the sight of a Marine because it reminds you that you aren’t one. It reminds you that you have done NOTHING with your life that makes a difference. And that being the case, I hope that office stays open whether it signs anybody up or not. I’d happily sit there all day just to know that it pissed you off and reflected your total lack of value. You have never defended democracy, you are completely unacquainted with what it takes to uphold the Constitution, you have never had to actually face down an entity as threatening as Hitler, and you have added nothing to society. In total, you have done jack-shit deserving of the legacy of those Americans who came before you that did all those things and those Americans who you want removed from your sight that are presently doing all those things.

While, as a Marine, I officially make no comment on your actions Medea, as an American, I hope you choke. I hope a satellite lands on you. No, strike that. I hope instead that you live a long life doing exactly what you’re doing now – being completely devoid of significance. I hope you spend every day you walk the earth seething with fevered hatred of those whom you know you could never measure up to. I hope that you die old and alone, looking back on a life that had no impact and left nothing for future generations. That’s what I hope for you, you soulless, spittle-spewing hag. I hope you live a long, angry, empty, worthless life that will be memorialized by no one.



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